I just determined today that we all have superpowers.

You, me, our parents, that weird guy with stupid pick up line that somehow works. He obviously does.

superheroes have super powers!Some use their powers for good and some not so much. (Not to be dramatic. I would’ve used evil had we been in an actual comic.)

Some people have obvious abilities. A knack for numbers, art, language, singing, always finding a parking space. But, I’m talking about the more subtle abilities we all possess.

Don’t think you have a superpower?  I’ll prove it.

Actually, I can’t do that. But, here are some examples that you can use for comparison and to help recognize your own special power.

  • Some people are organized. I mean really organized like keeping their sock drawers lined up and their cans all facing the same way in the pantry type of organized. Annoying, but super useful and probably powerful given the right situation.
  • I bet you know at least one person that can brighten a room just by entering it or who has the ability to make others feel at ease with saying a word. Boom. Superpower. (I can’t do it, can you?  No one asked you.  Show off.)
  • People who always KNOW what’s best for them without having to check their gut or make twenty pro/con lists before every decision. My wife has this very convenient superpower.
  • The gift (superpower) of gab. Some hair dressers, your neighbor across the street, that woman in the restroom stall beside you. I don’t know about you, but I can barely say my name without forming the syllables first in my head, much less talk up a storm about nothing.
  • My power is that people inexplicably think I know everything. Most of the time it just means people think I know what the hell I’m talking about even when I don’t. Other times… What?  That is so a superpower! Whatever. It is.

These abilities are not JUST personality traits. They’re superpowers. I could quote scientific formula, but those are cumbersome. Plus, my math skills aren’t great (lack of the arithmetic superpower).

Here’s the main reason:  We can all try and use what the universe gave us positively or we can chuck all that and abuse it. That’s what makes our abilities superpowers.

We try to use them for the common good, but these powers sometimes just get out of hand. I’m sure those overly organized people resent the fact that it takes them two-hours to load the dishwasher when they could be alphabetizing soup cans or separating paperclips, for example.


Sometimes I forget my superpower and wonder why people seek me out to ask things they could easily figure out themselves with a little effort. (Strangers ask me for directions all the time, especially before GPS – thank you technology!)

But, my favorite is when people ask my opinion or think I know things that I would have absolutely no way of knowing. Which is usually when I just make up crap…

Last week a couple in a hotel/casino elevator asked me if I knew what time “the show” started. I had no idea what show or where, but the answer was, “It starts at 8 p.m.” To my credit, I also suggested that they check their tickets.

Some people take me too seriously way too often.

“Hey, do you know what’s best for cleaning marble?”

May I Help You?

I was randomly asked this by a lady at Home Depot while we were both in the aisle. I wasn’t even wearing an orange apron. Nor my name tag. Not that I own a name tag, but if I did that would’ve made it less weird.

I should’ve have answered that I didn’t know, but…

“Yep, you should use Turtle Wax. I heard if you mix it with grapefruit juice it adds shine.”

I really hope she didn’t do this.

Sometimes I forget to use my powers wisely.

This is not Arizona.
This is not Arizona.

My best power-yielding learning experience was years ago when a co-worker asked if our office would be observing the upcoming time change. Thinking she was joking, I told her that our office didn’t observe daylight saving time. Because of my superpower she didn’t even question it and – you guessed it – she arrived an hour late to work that Monday morning.

Fact check, people, fact check when you ask me a question, especially one that you should already know the answer to or could easily find out yourself.

I’m trying to use my superpower for good, I really am, but sometimes it’s difficult.


By calling our unique abilities superpowers it reminds us (me) that with great power comes great responsibility…

You knew I was going to work that in, didn’t you!  Maybe you’re superpower is mind reading. Or levitation. Or that way you cut fruit so it doesn’t squirt in your eye. I don’t really know.

But, you probably have at least one personality quirk combined with the rest of who you are that gives you an awesome ability that’s all your own.

Whatever your superpower, may you use it well.