And the Social Media Saga Continues aka “It’s not just me!” Here’s something from jaypochapin about tribulations in the Twitterverse.


It only took a decade, but now I’m on Twitter.  I created my account just a few days ago and I still don’t believe I’ve done it.  When the now-famous social networking platform was launched, I must admit I doubted its utility and was skeptical of its future.  That was almost 10 years ago.

How times have changed!

Nowadays, if you’re going to meet people, find a job, communicate with your nearest and dearest, or just network your way across that other social media platform we like to call “Life,” you had better tweet if you know what’s good for you.

twitter bird holds follow me sign

A Twitter account is coming to embrace the commonality of those other staples of individual validity: the Social Security number and the Driver’s License.

By the time I reached college, having an SS # was not even an option.  If you wanted to find your posted test scores, if you…

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