I know I’m rushing the New Year’s wishes, but you have to admit that 2014 has really out stayed it’s welcome.

This has been some kind of year.

I won’t rehash my personal drama. Most of it was personal anyway.

And I won’t bother repeating this year’s headlines either. the media sites will begin regurgitating all the grim details in year end wrap ups soon enough.

Let’s just say that this year was like that douche bag boyfriend your maid of honor brought to your wedding or that weird guy at the DMV in line behind you who always tries to occupy the space you’re not quite finished standing in yet.

Unwelcome and uncomfortable.

And that’s just for starters.

We all know what kind of year it’s been.

Maybe we should shout our rants and feelings about the year as a sort of healing process. Feel free to join in:

What the hell were those people thinking? (This could be any year, I know, but 2014 was especially mind boggling in the are-you-for-real moron department.)

And then that online community did that other thing. The people we TRUSTED. Why, people, why?

And what the fuck (yes, spelled out) was all THAT over there about?  Seriously.  It didn’t need to be that way.

Not to mention those those MULTIPLE events that KEPT happening. WHY? The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results – right?


Hmmm? Well? We’re waiting. What? We can’t hear you. Oh, NOW you’re quiet.

It’s too late to apologize anyway. Your time is just about up and none too soon.

I’d like to be among the first to bid goodbye to this year and I’ll try not to hold a grudge. Like the ex you don’t necessarily hate, but that you don’t ever want to see again either…


May this year end quietly and not cause any more anguish.

I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy – and most importantly – a pleasantly uneventful and sane filled 2015.

It even feels good to type that and say it out loud:  2-0-1-5. 2015! Try it! Isn’t that nice?