So, I previously mentioned I quit my job.

I don’t have anything to add to that.  Just wanted to gloat some more. 

In the last post I said I would be checking off some to-do list items during my sabbatical (this word has two “b”s by the way, per Google) and here’s the update:

  • I have NOT learned Thriller dance. It’s more difficult to memorize than you might think.
  • I DID read Game of Thrones. I know I’m late on this, but holy hell is it good.  I’m afraid to start the second book because I won’t get any important stuff done. Like learning the Thriller dance.
  • I have learned “Oh When the Saints Come Marching In” and the C-scale on the harmonica. One (meaning both) of those is driving my family nuts.
  • I’m in the first season of the 10th doctor of Doctor Who and I just watched last episode with Billie Piper.  I’m obviously late on this too, but I’m going to miss Rose Tyler, dammit.
  • I believe I’m incapable of learning Cantonese, Chinese or any “nese” languages. My wife says my accent still sounds like I’m a four year old child with a lisp and then her family agreed. Whatever. I can fake an English accent fairly well and I believe that counts as a partial second language.
  • I did go on that Alaskan cruise. Here’s a photo and there’s more proof below.
Alaskan Cruise-Glacier Bay
View from the veranda in Glacier Bay.

After the cruise we visited the wife’s family before ending our holiday.  If I eat anymore Chinese food I’m going to hurl a chopstick. The first thing I ate when we returned home was microwaved popcorn and some left over chocolate chips still in the bag. Friggin’ delicious.

Here’s the Alaskan trip proof. Or maybe I’m just really bad a photo shop. You don’t really know.

Snorkel Alaska
You can snorkel in Ketchikan, Alaska. Well, of course the water is cold. That’s why the Fantastic 4 getup and why my eyes are frozen shut. 

Alaskan Cruise-Glacier Bay "Ice Ice, Baby". Yeah, I went there.
Ship broke the ice going through Glacier Bay. The first and only to do so for the summer. Take THAT all you other bigger cruise ships.

Alaskan Cruise-Humpback whale
Humpback whale. Or an Alaskan sea serpent. Or a large spec on my camera. 

Alaskan Cruise-Olivia Cruise
If you’re a lesbian then you should go on at least one Olivia Cruise. Or not. I’m not the boss of you. P.S. I’m the one in the hat.
Vacation time is over and it’s time to get back to work… Nah, just kiddin’.  I’m going to write. I think most writers agree that editing is the work part. Writing is more akin to breathing.