Has anyone else found the “Pokes” option offered on Facebook as an action verb a little creepy?

When I Googled and went to Facebook help, it was blank. (Page had the courtesy to ask if the information was helpful though, which is very thoughtful.) It also states not updated in 12 months, so I assume we don’t go poking people as a habit, at least not anymore.

How am I supposed to make an informed decision on whether to poke someone or not?Facebook Help - Poking

For the record, I won’t be clicking on a button that pokes anyone. Pushing buttons without knowing the outcome is EXACTLY how all kids in movies cause nuclear catastrophes and other really bad stuff. I don’t want to be responsible for a Facebook meltdown.

Also, I think that refraining from randomly poking others is a good life rule to follow in general that probably falls somewhere after the Golden Rule but before the Five Second Rule.

P.S.  I figured someone had already put the life rules in order so I Googled and THAT does comes up. Nothing about poking. But there should be.

P.S.S.  I finally found the page on what the “Pokes” button is. Well, that’s just useless. No wonder no one has done it in over a year. This was the added verbiage from Facebook that describes a LOT of poking:

“Keep in mind only the person you poke can see that you’ve poked them. If you don’t want people poking you, you can block them. If you’d like to see all your pokes, visit your pokes page.”