Has it been a bleak July so far or is it just me?  I’ve seen a lot of people fall apart this past week. World events? Metaphysical planet activity? I’d like to go on record right now and state that it’s probably Donald Trump’s fault in some way.

It’s been a rough few weeks for my daughter:

  • She’s been studying, going to two tutoring places, and taking a few academic tests. Some were retakes that didn’t go well the first time. We’re still waiting for results on one big one she took earlier this week…
  • We showed up for her Asperger’s referral appointment and she wasn’t on the schedule. Apparently, the appointment would’ve been with the wrong person anyway. This is the second time this office has messed up an appointment and we had to take the hour long round trip drive…
  • She had to go in for her annual regular doctor’s visit. No one on this side of sanity enjoys THAT. You have to answer all those personal questions, such has, “So, how’ve you been?”…
  • She’s been doing the driving for all of this herself, white knuckled fingers clutched to the steering wheel, since she’s also practicing for her upcoming driving test. She only hit a curb once last week. I only cursed once and held on to the dashboard twice.


Yesterday there was a little ray of sunshine. She took a college English placement exam and did well enough to be placed into English 101.  Writing – communication in any form – is not her strong suit. The essay took her two hours, but she did it! And, it looks like she’ll even be able to handle the class when the time comes.

We needed a victory.

The test score that we’re waiting for from earlier this week was also an English exam, two essays. It’s a bigger deal. We were encouraged after yesterday’s test, but there’s still a lot of finger crossing going on.

All she can do is her best – and she has been. She did all the prep and tutoring and handled most of the arrangements herself for these past few weeks. She has been speaking to strangers when spoken to without shutting down. And has been fairly pleasant the entire time.

Then she had a short meltdown last night. An empty pot was slammed into the kitchen sink and she ran upstairs to her room, reason unknown. There was no one in the kitchen with her, which I found hysterical, which probably didn’t help.

She seemed fine this morning. The weeks had simply caught up with her and by the end of the day yesterday she had had it. And I don’t blame her. She outlasted me by a day and she’s the one going through all these things. I typically handle the shutdowns better (most of the time), so it’s not as comical (some of the time).

We’ve both had a lot of public interacting lately that took its toll and it’s not over yet. She has several appointments and more testing the last two weeks of July, including the reschedule of the Asperberger’s referral.  This will mostly affect her, but we’re both gearing up by spending time by ourselves for a few days, so we purposely didn’t schedule anything for next week.

So, over the next week, if anyone wants talk with us about anything serious, or heavy, or depressing, or that doesn’t involve food as an peace offering before approaching us, do so at your own risk. We’ll be listening to music, doing some art, she’ll probably be watching some horror movie gross stuff, and I’ll be reading and writing.

And then we’ll suck in some air and hit the appointment and testing circuit again. Hopefully, everything will be wrapped – with positive results – by the time August rolls around. Wish her (us) luck.

And here’s hoping the sun is poking it’s head out around your corner too.