In a previous post called The 5 Steps to Happiness I included the following poll.  To all those who have taken the poll – thank you!

If you haven’t chosen an answer yet, the poll is still active as of this posting, so feel free to click and vote before reading on for the current results:

[This is by no means an empirical study, obviously, but I feel compelled to add that at this point. *adjusts  glasses*.]

I had anticipated that “Decide” would be the top choice since that’s where both positive and negative people seem to get hung up in the process, but it turns out that “Cancelling” was voted the most difficult at 46%, followed by ”Adore yourself” with 23%.

Cancelling the (negative) noise                                                46%

Adore yourself                                                                             23%

Deciding to be happy (understanding it’s a choice)            12%

Gratitude – No complaining!                                                    12%

Sharing with others                                                                     4%

Undecided*                                                                                   <1%

*Undecided wasn’t an option, but people get creative in comments boxes. It’s why I love the internet. Not comment boxes, per say, I mean I love creative people. Although comment boxes are nice too.

Happiness Poll

I know that it’s difficult for many people to find their happy place. I didn’t realize, however, that negativity would be as widely recognized as a factor. It’s the step in the middle and can definitely be a big hurdle.

I believe accomplishing these steps in order is the best way to achieve a state where you can just BE HAPPY. (Although steps 2 and 3 could be done simultaneously or maybe in reverse order, but I’ll get to that in subsequent posts.)

The 5 Steps to Happiness:

Step 1:                 Adore yourself!

Step 2:                 Gratitude

Step 3:                 Cancelling the (negative) noise

Step 4:                 Decide to be happy

Step 5:                 Share your joy!

I wasn’t surprised to see that “Adore yourself” had a high percentage of votes. It is the first step and an important step for many reasons, not just finding happiness. I stayed at this first step for a long time – years – before I moved onto the next. I don’t want you to stay in any step for years, so hopefully my mishaps will prove useful.

I will say for now that adoring yourself is not narcissistic and doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t love others. It means that you know (not just believe) that you are the best person you can be at this point in time, even if you have potential for even more awesomeness.

Here’s another hint:  We ALL have potential for even more awesomeness and to be more than what we are at any given time. If you’re waiting for perfection before loving yourself, you’re going to have a very long wait in a very unhappy state.

Next in The 5 Steps to Happiness posts:

Step 1: Adore yourself! Loving yourself doesn’t mean you don’t recognize your flaws, weaknesses, or whatever else that you feel isn’t up to par. It means you accept and embrace those things as a part of the uniqueness that is you.

P.S. As the results continue to come in I’ll update the results in subsequent posts as well.