Hello!  I didn’t realize these would come back to back. So exciting!

I’m delighted to have my article So you’re socially awkward, too? posted on the wonderful online publication Talking Soup. This site shares stories of the human condition with the goal “to showcase the everyday life experience through the written word.”

Here’s a direct link to the post on their site:

 So you’re socially awkward, too?

ATTENTION FELLOW SCRAWLERS:  If you’re a writer, you can check out their submissions guidelines here for more information.

I would also recommend the site if you’re human at all. Not to say writers aren’t human, most of them are, in fact, nice humans. Anyway. What I want to say besides check out the post is:

Talking Soup bring the sadness, humor, pain, valor, and joy of the human existence into short story and article form from all over the globe.


ON THE RADIO this week

Also, as a reminder in another more auditory medium…

For further social awkwardness, you can listen to me talk with David Snape of SouthWaves Radio about introverts vs. extroverts, what it means to be negative, and the 5 Steps to Happiness poll from a previous post.

You can click on the date below for a direct link to the SouthWaves Radio site to tune in to the encore of the broadcast just before the David Snape Radio Show:

Tuesday, July  28, 2015 at 11 am PDT / 2pm EDT (7pm GMT)

Just click on the triangular “Play” button on the left hand side for great music and shows!

Stay tuned after the interview for David Snape’s radio show for great music and more insights from this brilliant host.

You can find more information about the interview, David Snape and Friends site, and SouthWaves Radio in my previous post What’s on the Radio?