I couldn’t focus today, so here’s just a bit of fluff fun in the form of a 10 question quiz that I created. You can take the quiz to see if you’re really like your birth (sun) sign or if you’r e masquerading as a different sign on the zodiac.

If you don’t know what your birth sign is because you’re one of those practical types, I’ve listed them below. And you’re probably a Capricorn or act like one.

When I took the quiz it came up with my birth sign (Scorpio), which was pretty darn accurate since I’m not really anything else. This was obviously an empirically conducted endeavor with tons of resources and research and not just my own limited knowledge.

P.S. There’s a bit of snark in the results because that’s how I was feeling, but the questions are all reasonably without snark.


Click to take the quiz right:  HERE

Or here’s the link so you can see it and copy and paste if necessary (Qzzr.com):  https://www.qzzr.com/quiz/08b29a78-fe03-45df-ab70-71f704543e9c/fi9xdWl6emVzLzkxMTU3

ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH SIGNS for you rock dwellers or those that are too practical for that kind of nonsense. You can compare your birth sign below* to the quiz results to see if they are a match.

Astrological Signs

*The dates listed are approximate since in reality it varies by a day or so depending on the year and… and other really important astrological reasons.