My daughter and I seem to be going through a repetitious series of triumphs then defeats followed by good news then bad news.

Happy Face  Her driving is better than ever.  Nothing like failure to help you avoid parking lot curbs and parallel park like a boss. She retakes the driving test the end of the month.

Sad Face  …Yeah, she didn’t pass her (first) driving test, which was actually comical, at least to me. You can read about it in a previous post called Laughter Keeps You Sane.

Happy Face The counselor approved her referral for the Asperger’s Syndrome testing and it appears the insurance will cover a good portion of it.

Sad Face We can’t get a call back from the psychologist in order to move forward with the ink blots. Or whatever.

Happy Face  She did pretty well on the college math entrance exam.

Sad Face  The only class available is a 1.5 hours away.  It will take longer to drive there and back than it will to actually be in class if that’s the only one that continues to come up. At least there is one available. Maybe one at closer campus will still turn up. [  Happy Face  ]

Happy Face  She also passed the college writing essay exam to be placed into English 101.

Sad Face  She didn’t pass a high school writing proficiency exam.   I… she… wait. What??  I can’t even on this one.

It’s the last one that’s driving me over the edge because it means she’s going to college Happy Face, but doesn’t have a high school diploma. Sad Face

It’s absurd that an advanced track student with a 3.4 GPA has been denied a diploma because she was .5 away from passing on a subjective exam…. *sigh*.  No need to vent.

I mean, it’s not like I’m trying patiently to work with the local school district and the state’s department of education, beginning with simply trying to understand their scoring rubric for the essays on a test they’re doing away with after next year in part because it is ineffective in a state with a 50% high school drop out rate, and getting the run around.

Okay, now I’m done.

Nothing above is earth shatteringly painful or horrible, obviously. The most important thing through all of this is that my daughter’s attitude and ability to cope has been OUTSTANDING, especially with all the in-person and over-the-phone interactions she’s had to do this summer.

She only does a small eye roll – and so only I can see – when she goes in for testing or other important interactions and must remove her baseball cap and sunglasses. I’m on board with the latter since we’re indoors and she looks nothing like Jack Nicholson, but I understand her discomfort.

She really has grown over the last few months. A credit to her and a relief to me.

I, meanwhile, may need to throw some sort of a fit and take a nap. I’m going to allow her to show me the way on how to handle stress.