It seems like the only time I post is when I have something to convey in my quest to help negative folks find their happy place or when I’m strung out and unable to concentrate on anything else. You’re welcome.

A blog is often (almost always?) about getting your thoughts out there and connecting with like minded individuals (one of us should be offended that I called us like minded), but I’ve generally been slothful about writing consistently (and I may or may not have just called you a sloth).

When I do write, I shy away from too many details about myself out of habit. Being social is getting easier, but sharing about myself is not. I’m going to try and post more often AND share more as if people REALLY care. Again, you are welcome.

Here’s something completely interesting… I can’t even think of anything uninteresting. I probably shouldn’t put myself on the spot like that. Maybe next time I’ll tell you something fascinating. Or let you know what I’m having for dinner.

Instead of feeling like you’ve wasted time getting to the end of this, here’s a picture I took in Nashville that maybe you can CAPTION. I find putting thought bubbles to pictures and making up words for people having conversations out of earshot to be good fun.

Hey, that’s something about me. Mildly weird and not at all compelling, but still.

Hopefully you can see the expression on her face. And what’s that in her hand?

Ermagerd. What is this.
Ermagerd. What is this?