If  You Could Be Happy

If you could be happy, why wouldn’t you?

The songs to scream; the roads you’d pass.

To ordinary seconds you unknowingly clasp.

Let's Begin!

If he would run, why shouldn’t he?

Truth is illusionary and so are facts.

He pretends to give chase, yet the minutes tick past.

Let's Begin!

If she would live, why couldn’t she?

The perceptions are real and the lies persist.

She wiles through the hours with clenched fist.

Let's Begin!

If we should love, why don’t we?

Desire is wasted on a deceptive wish.

Until time has left us knowing everything is amiss.

Let's Begin!

Apologies for the melancholy. No idea where it came from. I said I would post and share more often, so here is what came out today.