I feel like I don’t even know who I am any more. I am becoming a day person and it’s disconcerting. I used to prefer the comforting darkness of nighttime for generating ideas and creativity. Daytime was for cleaning and appointments and reading without a lamp.

Unfortunately, migraines take over if I don’t keep to a regular sleep schedule, which means I must keep the same hours as the boring normal daytime people. I can’t get into see a dentist at two in the morning. (I live in Las Vegas. You’d think dentists would keep more flexible office hours.)

That fireball that keeps the earth alive can also induce migraines if I’m exposed for too long, making me a daytime person who avoids the sun. Yeah. It’s lose/lose. Even if the sun and I are someday on speaking terms my fair skin would still be at war. I’ll continue to be the small pale person carrying an umbrella everywhere. 

The sun is basically evil and trying to kill me even though I’ve never so much as looked at it. 

I am learning to adjust to the daytime and spark a few creative vibes without moonlight though. In the past few months I’ve even started warming up to morning hours and sunshine a little bit (get it?). I’m opening blinds and no longer cursing the whatever-animal-is-making-that-awful-noise outside the window at too early o’clock. I’m not at early bird level myself. I haven’t entirely lost my mind. Sometime after 7am and before I get a headache is more than early enough, thank you.

The adjustment to daylight is a slow process and I’ll be glad when summertime is over, which reminds me… HAPPY AUTUMN!

NO, I AM NOT LATE. Autumn won’t arrive here in the desert for at least a few more weeks (And then it will only last a few days.)

Still, I hope I haven’t missed the window of opportunity to tell most of the northern hemisphere: HAVE FUN WITH YOUR LEAF RAKING CEREMONIES!

….And stay away from the sun until then. Unless you’re on better terms. If so, please put in a good word for me.

Leaf One, Leaf Two