I didn’t post anything over the weekend, so here’s a roundup…


It’s raining. Actual rain. Not a bunch of lightening and a few sprinkles then gone. Temperature dropped with it, which may mean we’re in the one week of autumn we get here in the desert. Or, it could be 90 degrees on Halloween. Too early to say.

Helpful Hint:  Weather is always a good ice breaker. It also comes in handy when extroverts are staring at you and expecting you to say something. Also, STOP STARING AT ME.

On Cooking

Speaking of soggy, I made zucchini that wasn’t. First time. Not the first time I made it, just the first time it wasn’t like wet noodles and didn’t need to be tossed out.

I don’t know how you people do it! If I didn’t have kids I would’ve never stepped into a kitchen at all, except to make sure my diet soda was cold. The Taco Bell extravaganza is on me! Paper wrapped bean burritos all around.

The kids may have to pick up their own grocery shopping and cooking again after this college semester. Or this week. Possibly tomorrow.

The Martian Movie Update

I saw The Martian movie this weekend. Book is better, because, uh, it’s a BOOK. DUH. Overall great fun though. They did a nice job with keeping the characters and the humor intact.

SPOILERS: That said, read the book. The ending is slightly different, you’ll never know about the sandstorm and the second communications loss, and you’ll find out exactly how many potatoes he had to eat without having to do the math yourself. Watch the movie first only if you like Matt Damon’s naked butt. Wait… that probably fails to make my book argument.

Back to Food

My wife occasionally buys boxes of dried seaweed and another one turned up on our counters this week. (I guess the fact that it’s dried is obvious. If it were wet seaweed it would have to be kept in a vase or an old mason jar or something.)

I tried to explain to her that beach road kill is not snack worthy. It’s fish food without fish. This is partly her way of eating healthy. She also cooks – is that the right word for what one does to tofu and bamboo? – other nutritious meals. I, by contrast, could start my own bakery with the amount of toast I eat in each week alone.

I don’t have a good way of ending this, so here’s a picture of the seaweed box, in case you thought I was lying, and the conversation that took place the first time one appeared in our home. I have no way of proving whether the conversation took place. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Seaweed in a Box is a Thing

Seaweed 3

Son:  Did we get an aquarium? *looks around*

Me:  You don’t recognize snack food when you see it?

Seaweed 2Son: Is there an Asian Coscto in town now?  *picks up box*

Me:  That sounds slightly not PC… and it’s called Chinatown.

Son:  Seriously, how much seaweed does one family need?

Me:  They’re individually wrapped so we could probably give them out at Halloween.

Son:  Then they could also be filters for a fish tank. *looks around again*

Daughter (walks in and sees box):  Did we get a fish tank?