Today I made sloppy joes for lunch before remembering we don’t have any buns. Then I started to make chili and realized I used all the tomato sauce in the sloppy joes.

If anyone wants a bunch of unfinished meat, come on over.

In fact, I have a lot partially completed stuff today if you’d like to jump in on any of these: books I need to read, a book I need to finish editing, some laundry to fold, the silverware from the dishwasher still needs unloaded, and there is half-eaten a cornbread muffin that’s calling my name as I type.

I also made Pininterest Pintrest Pinterest (couldn’t they have simply called it Pinned?) account and managed to only post one item before I stopped to try and figure out why this medium exists. It seems like a haphazardly organized kids’ camp cork board.

I read somewhere (Instagram, I think) that Pinterest has been labeled “Reddit for girls.” I don’t know if that’s sexist or not. I’m in no position to offer an opinion since I can’t figure out Reddit either. Are all those threads and indentations really necessary, Reddit? It’s like reading shape poetry.

Shape Poetry photo credit:
Shape Poetry photo credit:

Both Pinterest and Reddit seem visually convoluted, but I think the real problem is that I’m growing weary of social media in general. I knew this would eventually happen because I recently read it on Twitter.

I need to keep this short because I need to figure out how to post feelings updates – or whatever that’s called – on Facebook.

P.S.  I’ll let you know if I figure out why I’m so behind today.