Thought I would share some nice photos of flowers I took around town.

Actually, “around town” makes it sound more ambitious that it was. I dropped off my car for an oil change and walked down the street for some breakfast. Because, breakfast! Morning food is second only to dessert food.

I have nothing funny to convey today. So, yeah. Flowers. I also have a headache and still have some work to get done, so this will be a short, albeit colorful, post.

We do have some lovely water friendly desert plants. At least I assume these are water friendly.

Flowers Red Flowers Red -  bit of color  Flowers Pink and Orange Flowers Pink (not the rock star)

Before I go, here is a fire hydrant so you can envision something that brings a smile.

Gangsta Hydro ready for his close up
Gangsta Hydro ready for his close up

Look at those chains! 1990’s skater dude? 1950’s gangbanger? Simple ghost rattling and makin’ some noise since it’s that time of year?

This is begging for someone to bring their dog and do a photo shoot. Or, it should be wrapped in a leather jacket and handed a switchblade.