I’ve literally seen three articles or pictures today about jellyfish today. Did I miss something important?

Probably a weird coincidence or maybe I’m missing one of those unofficial national holidays, the kind we don’t get to take off work for. Here’s my contribution, in case it’s the latter.

It’s a picture from a museum in Washington, DC. At least I think it’s DC. I don’t organize my vacation photos very well. It could be Philadelphia or Chicago…

Jellyfish Burgers!
Jellyfish Burgers! Please don’t tell my wife or she will find a way to make this happen because it sounds healthy.    

This bathroom pic is from the same museum, wherever it was:

Dispenser with a prize
Dispenser that comes with a prize if you guess the number of remaining tampons.

Keeping things short lately… working on getting some editing done and feeling a little out of it.

Have fabulous weekend! Unless you’re reading this on a weekday, then I’m sorry you don’t have Fridays or weekends in your universe. You should move.