A quick note to follow up on my previous Getting older isn’t for the young post.

Speak Up! I can't hear you.

#1 I did cut my hair and I did dye the ends purple first. I know there was some protest about the color choice. Purple is the color of royalty. And creativity. And craziness. And Prince. I digress…

Here’s the before and after. The after picture is actually what’s-her-name. (Trust me, this is a better picture to look at.)

Both shots have some potentially ominous or humorous words behind them. I’ll let you fill in the missing letters, according to your current mood.

Purple rain
Purple rain
What's her name with my haircut, sort of.
What’s her name with my haircut, sort of.

I haven’t seen anymore gray hairs. It may have been a fluke. Thankfully, my hair obviously takes well to dye so BRING IT ON.

#2  This may disappoint some, but I am cursing again. It’s in my nature. Like the scorpion who stings the sea monster and they both drown (sea monsters are more exponentially more interesting than turtles or frogs and because that’s how powerful a scorpion I am.) I still have a hard time writing too many cuss words into a blog post for some reason. No doubt a tribute to my sensitive and mature nature.

#3 The best news, goddamit, is that I’m able to eat fucking cheese again.

Purple Dammit