I’ve been preoccupied, so a short post…

Cord Cutting

I think we’re going to get rid of our cable television and only have the Internets. My son hasn’t plugged in his TV since we moved over 2 years ago, and I think if I get a Roku for my daughter she should get by via NetFlix and Hulu and whatever else. Or she could read a book.  If anyone has other ideas for something better than a Roku for cable cord cutting, please chime in.

I feel like we haven’t been keeping up our end of the whole television watching experience.

  • We only have a few channels, 3 – 60 maybe. I’m not sure how high they go, but it’s well below fancy cable. My fingers only know how to press the combination for 3 or 4 channels and I get confused if I have to turn to something unfamiliar.
  • I consistently miss shows when they’re scheduled. I miss the TV Guide in paper format. Is it still around?
  • We don’t own any flatscreens or smart TVs – or whatever they’re called.  Cathode ray tubes are still alive and well here in 20th century that is our living room.

We’ll see how it goes. I will miss you, Anthony Bourdain and Travel Channel reruns of No Reservations. I’ll also miss… um…

Jelly Jam

Lately (for the past 20 years), I’ve been eating a piece of toast for breakfast with spray butter (as soon as it was invented) and I’ll sometimes slap on the jelly or jam. I still don’t really know the difference.

I was pretty excited when someone gave us a bunch of jams.

One is labeled Plum Jalapeño or maybe Jalapeña. it’s hard to tell.

Jam 2Jam 3

I’m a little apprehensive and giddy at the same time. I live on the edge like that.

Friday (is never) Frightening

And here’s a black cat for no reason other than it’s Friday the 13th and because I LOVE the “Really?” expression on his face. As if someone announced Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring to run for office… wait.

Yeah, I crossed your  path. DEAL WITH IT.
Yeah, I crossed your path. DEAL WITH IT.

Have a fantastic weekend or whenever it is you’re reading this.

P.S. There were no juggernauts in this. That’s just a cool word. And I like alliteration.