I’ve been doodling some faces as illustration preparation for the upcoming book, Why You Can’t Slap Happy People and How to Become One.*

I may be able to ask e-mail subscribers (big orange button for the newsletter in the right sidebar) to choose their favorite characters when I have some more polished versions completed. The top picks will be some of the ones that go into the book.
These are a little difficult to see since it was lined paper, but if you look closely you can see that I accidently made Heisenberg (Breaking Bad) in the middle of one page…
The big face dude on the right with the crown on this other page is either smug or high…

Doodles II

I  wish I could’ve put these on some Pee Chees for old times sake.

For those of you that don’t know or don’t recall what a Pee Chee folder is… what did you draw on when you should’ve been taking notes or doing homework?


If you were at all cool the sports dweebs of decades past were eventually covered up by Marvin the Martian, rock bands, guitars, declarations of defiance, bloody corpses and whatever else you could come up with using  #2 pencils, cheap Paper Mate pens and Accent Hi-Liters.

 Because ALL ART is important.

*January 2017 update: The title of the book changed, because reasons, to Negatively Ever After: A Skeptic’s Guide to Finding Happiness