I’m still dragging my feet back into social media because I’ve been busy creating an online store that will be up and running soon. That’s only partially true. I’ve been avoiding social media for no good reason whatsoever.

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Here are some other things that have been occupying my brain waves:

My daughter with high-functioning autism, and an increasingly annoying I-know-everything-attitude, is still taking college classes. She did well her first semester, but this semester has started off rocky.

She’s also re-taking the high school writing proficiency in a couple of weeks. If she doesn’t pass and is unable to obtain a high school diploma, she’ll need to attempt the GED alternative. Frankly, I’m frightened for her future. I’m trying not to let useless worry get the best of me by remembering to utilize Negativity WisdomThat, and a little alcohol.

On a lighter note…

I’ll be seeing Kung Fu Panda this weekend because that Po panda character makes my wife laugh. In turn, she will soon be subjected to the Deadpool movie. You can see why our individual humor is sometimes lost on one another.

Often, she doesn’t even realize she’s said something funny. For example, last weekend she asked me if I wanted some of the anchovy seaweed snack she had prepared. Hilarious!

Other couples must have the same problem because this picture already exists on the internet:

Deadpool and Kung Fu Panda Remix


I must also add…

There will be no new Doctor Who episodes released for an ENTIRE YEAR! Does the BBC not realize that we exist in a reality where time is LINEAR? I suppose it’s a testament to their adoring supporters. They know we’ll still be here, pacing.

Doctor Who Willl Hit You With A Shoe

Let’s see the Kardashians go off the grid for a year and still have a fan base – or anyone – that gives a rat’s ass whether or not they return. Come back soon, Doctor. Come back soon.

Until next time!

P.S. I still owe a post on the last step in the 5 Steps to Happiness, Shoving Your Happiness (at other people), and it’s forthcoming. Probably.