My wife pointed out that I usually have an obsession of the month – or year – then it passes. I fervently disagreed, between reiterating the importance of the transition from the 10th to the 11th doctors in Doctor Who, but she’s correct. I obsess and move on, yet always retain a little of the affinity for whatever the focus of my attention was.

I blame this on astrology, naturally, because it’s convenient to blame the stars. Unlike my wife, they can’t vocally contradict me. Also, astrology was a past obsession, so I know what I’m talking about. Ahem. “A Scorpio intensity for single-minded focus with a Mercury in Sagittarius, which makes the individual focus driven combined with an avid student who wants to study multiple topics.” Absolutely solid proof reasoning.

I asked my wife if she’s ever been obsessed with anything. (Besides me, of course. I mean, duh.) Her answer was “food”. I don’t think that counts since it’s required for survival. Although, right now there is an app game I play called Midnight Castle that’s right up there with “air” on my list of necessities.

My son is fixated on computer games. My daughter is fanatical about many things (she’s a Scorpio too. Probably has Mercury or the Moon or something in the right place.)

I wonder how many other people change obsessions like they change batteries…


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