My family was confused that I watched the Super Bowl. We’re not a sports family. My son thought the Super Bowl was in November. “Are your sure it’s not in November? There’s a lot of football talk around that time.”

All my kids know about the Super Bowl is that potato chips suddenly appear in the cupboard. Doritos have the food value equivalent of plutonium around here. Also, based on the color, they’re probably partially made of plutonium, which is convenient.


I watch the Super Bowl every year for the same reason I eat turkey on Thanksgiving and get a car wash right before it rains. It makes you feel like you’re part of something larger. For a brief moment I am one of “them” and not an introvert who is perfectly comfortable staring at the closed elevator door if the alternative is talking about the weather.

Gotta go… my phone just notified me of a friend request in a game app that I sometimes use to play Solitaire and Words With Myself.

They need to create a “No Thank You” button or one that screams “I WATCHED THE SUPER BOWL! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?” so you can let people down gently. The “Ignore” button seems so harsh.

Who Are You Antonia



Who are you, Antonia Ethel (if that’s your real name), and exactly what are your social interaction expectations?




Here’s the cartoon from a previous post about introverting vs. extroverting that seemed fitting for this post as well. I turned it into a poster in the online Slap Happy Sundries store so other people can hang it proudly somewhere or hold it up like a shield of defense in elevators or grocery store lines.


Although we can participate in the gregarious world we live in and sometimes become one of “them”, it’s good to remember that it is still okay to be one of “us.”