Hope you had a lovely 3-day weekend and a great Valentine’s Day, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Couples spend a lot of time answering how long they’ve been together around this time of year. I like to watch the couples’ faces when this happens. For a split second you can tell who thinks the time has passed quickly and who is more on the excruciatingly forever side.


My wife and I usually look at each other first. I do it because I need guidance. I really can’t remember how many years its been, what year we met, or sometimes what calendar year it is (and even if I did there would be on-the-spot math involved.) I think my wife sees it as a reassessment opportunity. She looks at me and considers how much longer we’re going to be together before answering.

I wonder if couples get tired of being asked this question. Probably not as much as singles get fed up with hearing about when they’re going to “settle down” or whatever the current catch phrase is for WHY AREN’T YOU COUPLED yet.

The answer to the relationship longevity question in our case, as I was reminded this Valentine’s weekend, is 10 years. Long enough to know that there will always be a few things that drive you crazy, yet not enough passage of time to realize that rolling your eyes about them is futile.

Feel free to weigh in with how long have you been happy coupled (or happily single, thank you very much.)

P.S. This has nothing to do with the above (except maybe that it opened on Valentine’s weekend), but go see Deadpool if you haven’t yet. It’s pretty fucking awesome.