I attended my niece’s gymnastics meet this weekend (she’s FANTASTIC, by the way) and they were selling t-shirts with choose-your-own-iron-on at a side table. One of the choices was this simple saying in big red letters:

All It Takes

I searched for this little gem of epiphany nothingness and it turns out it’s everywhere, along with it’s cousin All It Takes Is All You’ve Got.

Here’s the source and some of the folks using it:

  • Attributed to a man named Marc Davis, although it’s unclear to me if it’s the author or the former Disney animator by the same name
  • Included by an author Jim Owens in a forward to his book The Try
  • New (2015) recruiting initiative for Marine Corps reconnaissance (THAT’s cool)
  • Used by countless footballers and other other athletes. And runners. Lots of runners.

This image also appears in a search, tied to a blog called A Poetic Universe, that pretty much sums up the message for me:




I’m surprised I took the time to research this or that I remember it at all. I’m not much on affirmations. I like to keep the front of my refrigerator open for angry Donald Duck images, empty negative space, and my wife’s (assumedly Canadian) haunting wooden moose magnet.




I like the all-or-nothing tone of this though. Let me know if you have a favorite affirmation or statement. Maybe we can start a scrapbook.