One of the phrases that led traffic to my blog over the last month (because I don’t check the search terms as often as I should) was:

“call deanna in the nonsense”

I’m assuming this was an attempt to call out someone named Deanna on her nonsense. Or, maybe someone got caught up in a mess of the stuff and they hoped that Deanna could help them get their shit together. I hope I was helpful with that and didn’t tarnish the Deanna name.

For future reference, the phrases text deanna in infinite wisdom and email her eminence in purple font are also effective ways to arrive on my blog site.

At least they are now.

I‘ve added them as tags to this post.

Don't Care Cropped


Regardless of how you arrived on this site… I’m glad you’re here!

If  you’ve come across some unusual search terms lately please feel free to leave them in the comments for our amusement.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!