I had to to go the post office today to mail the IRS a letter to reassure them I wasn’t cheating on my previous year’s tax return and that don’t owe them anymore dinero.

If they’d stop making domestic partners split their income on each other’s returns, we could’ve both kept our postage. Admittedly, this issue only affects about eight other people in the country. Shout out to the other three couples living in community property states that also had to write response letters to the IRS this spring.

Speaking of spring and on a lighter note… the weather seems to be cooperating across the country now. Welcome to springtime all of you Midwesterners and East Coasters!

Illustration Acknowledgements

The above is a reject draft illustration from the forthcoming book Why You Can’t Slap Happy People and How to Become One, but it was sufficiently springtimey for this post’s purposes.

Here are some items I recently made in the online Slap Happy Sundries store that are also loosely based on the book’s illustrations. Although there were a lot of less sarcastic items made this past month, these made me laugh the most. Because sarcasm. And because curse words are so damn versatile.



Have a fantastic week everyone!