May the Fourth Be With you!

I consider myself a pseudo-geek, a hipster-geek (yes, I like my hats), so I must be reminded of such dates.

I may not always be in the know on geek  culture, but I know what makes me smile.

Like this .gif of Yoda doing his best Liberace impression.



So, don’t let the geek gatekeepers keep you out on this day’s geek holiday or any other.


Celebrate whatever amount of geekiness you possess!

Or don’t. That’s fine too, of course.



P.S. Here’s a link to a list of some other “official” geek holidays and other fun geeky dates to check out from a site called Geek Holidays – Who Knew There Were So Many? (That’s not the article’s title, but  it could be.)

*Liberace Yoda courtesy of and Geek & Sundry; Struttin’ Vader courtesy