2016 Graduation 2

This week’s moment of zen isn’t really a moment of zen. It’s a selfish post.

Today is my daughter’s high school graduation ceremony. The ceremony we didn’t think we were going to be able to attend.

I wrote in a previous post that she has high functioning autism and finally passed a final written exam, on the last attempt, to receive her diploma.

So proud…and RELIEVED!

My wife and kids don’t want their pictures on the internet, so these decoration photos from the small graduation party we had last weekend will have to do.


2016 Graduation 1
This is kind of zen, yes?


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

P.S. Here’s some graduation caps on sticks that she and I made because CHOCOLATE.

The decapitated leftovers are being picked off one at a time from the freezer.

Grad Chocolate