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Slap Happy T-Shirt


All winners will receive an awesomely red Slap Happy Sundries logo t-shirt that has “A little negativity never hurt anyone” or one of the other preposterously catchy phrases.



There also may be some reading material about happiness included in the prize packages. Books that I adore* from my research and from my own quest to find the elusive happy place.

Happy Book

What items would YOU like to receive if you’re the winner? 

You can go to Slap Happy Sundries (on Zazzle.com) and take a gander at some of the potential items to be included in the prize package. Here are just a few options…

Tote bags and the popular “Extroverts are annoying” bookmark…

                shove_a_little_joy_around_funny_tote_budget_tote_bag-r597cd8e2564540899d7174bf0748073b_v9w6h_8byvr_325   extroverts_are_annoying_funny_bookmark_maple_bookmark-r1110a59e69c8420aa53614738c075d33_zzesj_325

Plenty of t-shirts to choose from, including the Negativity Wisdom shirt and the new Perkiness vs. Sarcasm tee.

                      negativity_wisdom_funny_t_shirt-r476bdb82f6cd49309de553eeb87d0302_jg4dk_325        out_of_perkiness_sarcastic_t_shirt-r9e53b5531c134716b9df491eac628f6c_jg95x_512

A mug, mousepad, and a magnet walk into an office… 

perkiness_is_overrated_mug-r027b9b456791461a967f4716a7511409_x7jgr_8byvr_325  share_the_joy_funny_cartoon_mousepad-rf804ea646a324907ae8caa2514fac98f_x74vi_8byvr_325      lack_of_negativity_funny_magnet-rb2a0952ce4d343e69298b2b2c77d2ac7_x7j3u_8byvr_512

…and here are a few of my current personal favorites:

    Board Game T-Shirt   No Fucks Left To Give  Perky People Are Annoying Tote Bag

This should be a lot of fun! I think we’re going to like doing this.

*Truthfully, a lot of the books on happiness that I’ve come across are not so great, but I need to clear some space on my bookshelves. Maybe you will be into them. To each their own.

Click here to read more about the 5 Steps to Happiness that will be included in the forthcoming book currently titled Why You Can’t Slap Happy People and How to Become One.