This past couple of weeks I’ve started a new job, seen my kids start another semester of college, and chased down a lot of Pokemon. I recently caught a Magmar, a Tauros, and my third Pikachu! For those of you who don’t know what those things are, you’re right, I am too old to play a ’90s kids’ game on my phone.

Also, I’m at Level 20 out of 30 right now, so nana-nana-boo-boo and “PLTHBBTHBT!”



I’ve also written a bunch of shoddy first draft short fiction that needs to be revamped and edited to avoid personal embarrassment before it’s sent out on a website for charitable purposes. More to come on that project in the next couple of months.

In other big news, the editing of my book, tentatively titled Why You Can’t Slap Happy People and How to Become One, is nearly complete! Probably. I don’t know. Editing seems endless. It’s been productive, however, and a great learning experience overall.

I intend to share some book content and related happiness posts once I know for sure what’s hitting the cutting room floor versus what’s going to make into print. I’d tell you when those posts are coming, but…

…my posting is sporadic because I get social media burn-out so quickly. I can only post and check social media sites in doses or my sanity becomes a flight risk.

I’m kind of an all-or-nothing type anyway. Either clean the entire house or binge-watch two-weeks of @midnight. There’s no ‘dust the furniture today, clean the floors tomorrow’ in my psychological make-up, although I am getting better at it. Binge-watching comedy shows, that is.

I don’t really have a specific purpose for this post other than to say “hello” and that I hope your life has been filled with flying polka-dotted puppies and vanilla cream filling the past couple of weeks, and may that trend continue if so.

Have a great week!