So, how have you been?

Sorry, I haven’t written in a while. There was a blizzard, then a plague, and a flood followed by locusts…

Actually, I started a new day job, finished the book re-writes and edits, then came down with a few illnesses because I’m too old to eat what I damn well please anymore.

Also, I am still struggling with staying on top of social media at a regular pace. You people who constantly post, “like”, and smiley-face everything are ROCK STARS. Or demented. Either way – cheers to you!

Enough about me, let me tell you about what’s been happening on the book front. This news already went out to subscribers (along with the verbatim exciting illness and other information in this post.) The big news, other than the $#%@! editing finally being done, is that it will be published later this year!

The name has been changed to Negatively Ever After: A Skeptic’s Guide to Finding Happiness. Here’s a first look at the cover:



What do you think? Yes, I agree that the new title is better. I came up with the Negatively Ever After part and the publisher, She Writes Press, came up with the subtitle.

There are some exciting publicity things on the way that I’ll let you in on as they occur. At least I hope they’re exciting. That’s why publicists exist, right?

You can find a new draft excerpt from the book about finding happiness from a negativist’s perspective on my site here.

Going forward…

I’ll be conveying some useful information to email subscribers about how to wisely use negativity, on the importance of self-adoration, why gratitude isn’t just something your grandmother taught you, and other important elements in the path to finding inner happiness. Some of that will come across here, but if you want in on the really good stuff, hit the big orange SUBSCRIBE button on the home page and elsewhere on this site.

There will also be discussions in the Twitterverse, if that’s your jam (@DeannaWillmon.) I’m even thinking about starting a Facebook group so that everyone can readily share their ideas, tribulations, and experiences with negativity and their own quest to find happily ever after.

Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath on the likelihood of me starting a Facebook group either, but you can find my profile there too under my name. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!