We kicked off 2017 with a bit of hope and a bit of, well, whatever that inauguration was.

The wife and I participated in our local Women’s’ March here in Las Vegas. I think the turnout was about 4,000, and that’s a lot for anything local here. Not exactly a community kind of town.

Here’s some pics for those who aren’t glued to my social media accounts:


What’s really great about these pics and the start of the year 2017, other than the <insert historical moment/feminist verbiage here>, is that my wife is now on social media so I can post pics of her. At least I think that’s what that means, so I’ve gone with that. That’s her next to me in the first photo with the march sign behind us.

Let’s hope that hope continues to reign this year. Let’s also hope the wife stays on social media. I have some really embarrassing photos of her around here somewhere…

Wishing you a wonderful 2017.