It’s (made up by Garfield) Motivation Monday, so I would like to chime in and tell you not to give up, unless of course that’s the best course of action. Then go right ahead. 

Allow me to clarify. 

Is the thing you’re doing really what you want or is it something you think you should be doing? Is it truly necessary or do you keep doing it because it’s what you’ve always done? 

If you’re passionate about the thing you’re doing, whatever it is (climbing up the corporate ladder, going back for that degree, your creative release, keeping yourself from that extra piece of bacon) then keep at it. If it will improve your life or others’ lives, then don’t you dare quit.

Otherwise, why are you doing it? This falls into the “life is too short” category of thinking, of course, and I am a proponent. 

I went through the motions in a marriage, in jobs, and in every aspect of life because of fear, because I did what I was “supposed” to do. I look back now and wonder why I thought that. 

It’s your life, your happiness. Do what’s right for you and you alone. 

This has been a different kind of Monday Motivation, brought to you by the memories and shoulda/coulda/woulda of my past experiences. 

Have a wonderful week!