This is how Zazzle to let me know that they’re promoting some of the products in my online store, Slap Happy Sundries :


I had no idea that my sundries would be on sale or that I  would be given an entirely new name. Kind of pushy on both fronts, but I’m going to roll with it…


For the remainder of this promotion, I would like to be addressed as “Slap.”

You have until the promotion ends (um, sometime soon?) to call me by my new name, after which I will ask to be addressed as “All Hail Her Eminence, Slap”.


Here is some of the stuff that is (apparently) on sale:

share_the_joy_funny_cartoon_mousepad-rf804ea646a324907ae8caa2514fac98f_x74vi_8byvr_325  smiling-done-internally   beach-scenes-i-phone-case


This mug too, one of my Best Sellers, and still a personal favorite:


You can also get 50% off labels and magnets and such on the site for a couple days. I assume that includes this magnet below, although I don’t know if you can get the sale price AND the promo together. If you can, this magnet would cost, like, .45 cents or something.

Promo  Code:  STUCKONYOU40


I hope the “40” in the promo isn’t a crack at my age. That would really be taking it too far, Zazzle.

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