I’d rather read, play a board game, or poke my eyes out with feathered quills than talk about myself on the internet. Or anywhere else, really, which makes me the worst self-promoter ever.  The book comes out in a couple weeks!

Book Update

For those curious, the release date of Negatively Ever After is  September 12 and you can pre-purchase via Amazon or Barnes & Noble and anywhere else books are sold. Here’s the link on Amazon.  You can also hit up your local independent bookstore by searching for one here Indie Bound.

I also claimed myself as an author on Goodreads, which is an odd thing to state. There is a free book giveaway about to start on Sept 3 on Goodreads.  I’ll post the info as soon as it is available.

Friday Moment of  Zen

Here’s a Hitchcock puddle my wife pointed out when we were innocently walking around.  I don’t even care that today isn’t Friday. We could probably all use some zen regardless of the day of the week.

Hitchcock Puddle