Donna Summer On the Radio (literally)
(we had this album)


I’ve had a couple people ask for the links to the recent radio interviews, so here they are.

ICYMI (in case you missed it):

The Stacey Marie Show Interview: Get Your Negativity On (not really the title, but catchy)

Your Life with Nettie Jones Show Interview: The Search for Happy (this is the title and it’s catchy)

The Ross Kaminsky Show:  October 13, 2017 (listen for me around the 58 minute mark)

Stacey Marie Show         Nettie Jones Show Deanna Willmon         Ross Kaminsky Show


There are a couple of other things potentially in the pipeline and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted, although I tend to do that more via Twitter (@DeannaWillmon) or the [ dreaded by me ] Facebook (DeannaWillmonAuthor) and sometimes on Instagram (DeannaWillmon).