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What's with the hat?

Hi there! 

Welcome to the learn-more-about-me page.

I’m an author and speaker who has spent most of my professional career trying to convince others that they need to be more administratively organized. I now spend a good portion of my time convincing people they need negativity in their life. My personal life has primarily been spent coming to the conclusion that negativity isn’t the enemy of happiness.

On a lighter note, I’m a Las Vegas native who was born on a craps table to an Elvis impersonator and a former Hoover Dam guide because that’s where all Las Vegas babies come from, or at least that what most people seem to think. I still reside in my hometown where I spend a lot of time reading, playing board games, writing short stories, and sometimes working on a novel.

My first book, Negatively Ever After: A Skeptic’s Guide to Happiness, is out there for you to peruse.


  1. I competed in “Cinderella” pageants as a child and when I was seven years old I was crowned “Little Miss Nevada.” Yes, mydeanna-cinderella-pageant talent was baton twirling, thank you very much. That’s me in the photo.
  2. I live for sweets, especially chocolate bars, bakery items, and ice cream, but I don’t like Kit Kats, Oreos, or rocky road flavor. I live my life ostracized from American society’s sugar norms.
  3. The “K” in the middle of my name stands for Kaye, which I’ve always considered to be very convenient.
  4. I became an organized person because I have a terrible memory. I learned early on to rely on checklists, hidden notes, and I live by “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Otherwise, I’d probably misplace my toothbrush. (Don’t tell anyone I said that.)
  5. The first movie I saw as a child was Star Wars. I think it perpetuated my love for sci-fi and fantasy. My current favorite nerdy items are my Harry Potter book collection complete with wand and a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover lunch box (TNG and the Eleventh Doctor, for those who might be curious about such things.)


Reviews and unsolicited praise from those who know or once spoke with Deanna Willmon:

“Exceptionally sophisticated and thoughtful. She never forgets to bring the paper cups or the ice for the red wine at family functions.” – Sister #1

“She’s a terrific listener.” – Random lady in grocery store line with Hindenburg-sized cart who rambled on and on about detergent prices after Deanna allowed her to cut in front of her in line.

“Her stubbornness is nothing short of amazing.” – Mom, circa 1984. And yesterday.

“Stunningly articulate unless speaking.” – Former boss and most of her high school teachers. A few co-workers. And that one guy during a radio interview, but he looked hammered, so what did he know.

“Must be @#!ing psychic. I can’t do ANYTHING around here.” – Daughter

“Well, she sometimes texts us on our birthdays. And there was that time she remembered Christmas was the 25th of December well in advance of the date.” – Sister #2

“I choose to exercise my 5th amendment rights at this time. Unless there’s a movie deal. Is there a movie deal?” – Son

“She’s a lot shorter in person.” – Mostly people in elevators.

“If this writing thing doesn’t pan out she can sell all those paintings of trees she made after her hysterectomy when the menopause hit. Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?” – Sister #3

“Kind, loving, witty, fun to play with, incredibly generous, and she smells nice most of the time.” – Kitty, her dog. (Note: If I had a dog it would probably say this, so this isn’t really a misleading statement.)

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Deanna, thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my About page. I really like it when people come along and I’m given the opportunity to meet them through their blog. Your about cracked me up and makes me wonder “why didn’t I think about getting reviews?” I also can relate to your non-risktaking status especially if it isn’t preplanned, which some people would think isn’t taking a risk at all but to each his own 😉 I can’t wait to reach your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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